San Bernardino Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are a pain to have in your home, not to mention unsanitary. This is one of the main reasons people tend to get very upset when they find a cockroach in their home. It ignites immediate disgust but that’s why we offer cockroach removal services; so you don’t have to deal with the filthy pests.

German & American Cockroaches

san bernardino cockroach removal

Cockroaches can carry more than 30 diseases!

German cockroaches are the most common type of cockroach in the California area. Most often they are found in dining establishments or other areas where food is prepared and served. This is why our customers often have an infestation in their kitchen when they call us for help. IF you’ve noticed cockroaches in your home it is because they are looking for food, shelter and water. Once you eliminate these sources you will notice a significant reduction in their presence. American cockroaches are another common roach in our area. They are often found living in basements and other dark cool areas.

Cockroach Inspection

When you call us regarding cockroach removal one of our techs will come to your home to inspect the infested area. We can then determine the type of cockroach we’re dealing with and devise a solution. If you wish to learn more before giving us a call look for hiding places by placing sticky traps on your floor by the walls and under your kitchen appliances. Monitor the traps regularly so you can identify the size, color and possibly how old they are. Should you have a lot of younger cockroaches it might be a sign of a more severe infestation.

San Bernardino Cockroach Removal

If this all sounds like too much work and you’d rather have a professional do it, give us a call today! Our cockroach removal experts will come inspect the property and inform you of our plan to eradicate the roaches. We can advise you on any steps needed by you before we begin the treatment and will help you get rid of the roaches once and for all. Don’t live with these disease carrying pests another day; call (909) 726-7064 now to schedule an inspection!

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