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Our San Bernardino rodent control experts can locate and eiliminate rodents!

Rats and mice are a common pest in San Bernardino California and they don’t only invade unclean properties. Your home can be spotless and rodents will still find their way inside if they want to. When they do look for a way into your home it is because they’re in search of food and shelter. Rats and mice will chew your cables, wires and other items causing extensive and costly damage to your home.  Mice and rats will often create a nest shortly after invading your home so that they can build a family. This is something you want to try and prevent by taking care of a rodent problem at the first sign of one.

They can easily access areas we cannot so it’s not uncommon to find them in attics, walls, crawl spaces, under kitchen appliances, and many other areas of the home. They chew things in order to keep their teeth sharp and they will chew through just about anything. They have been the cause of house fires as well because they will chew through wire insulation exposing bare copper which can then cause a fire.

In addition to chewing everything in sight they also contaminate your home. It’s common to notice trails of fecal matter where rodents have been navigating in your home. Many of our clients will call and request rodent removal because they’ve noticed droppings in their pantry and kitchen cabinets. The droppings do smell horribly but they also pose a health risk. Once you’ve had your home treated for rodent control it’s important to thoroughly wash any areas they were present.

If you have heard scratching or chewing in your home, or have seen a rodent in action give our rodent control experts a call at (909) 726-7064 today. We’ll answer any questions you have about our rodent control services and get you set up for an inspection right away.

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