San Bernardino Spider Removal

san bernardino spider removal

We can exterminate both harmless and poisonous spiders; call today!

Many people detest spiders because they can bite and the bites often hurt if not swell and become infected.  Not all spiders will cause much harm if they do bite which is why most spiders are harmless. The two notable exceptions in the San Bernardino California area; black widow and brown recluse.

Both of these dangerous spiders prefer warm, dry climates and secluded areas for shelter including attics, closets, basements, wood piles, sheds, and other similar environments. If you come across either one of these spiders please give us a call and let our spider control techs handle it to ensure your own safety.

House spiders are harmless but are definitely a nuisance. People don’t like the idea of having creepy crawly spiders running around their home and that’s no surprise. However, the spiders are coming in to your home in search of the other bugs and pests that they eat. Once you’ve eliminated the food source for the spiders they will go away, and that is exactly what we can do. Call (909) 726-7064 today to learn more about our spider control options in the San Bernardino area. We treat both homes and businesses for spiders and other pest issues.

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