San Bernardino Mosquito Control

san bernardino mosquito control

Let our San Bernardino mosquito control experts help you today!

Mosquitoes can be a big nuisance and not to mention a painful one. In addition to being a nuisance they can also transmit the West Nile Virus. This is a serious health risk for people and can be deadly. When you get bit by a mosquito it often leaves a red, itchy bump that can even swell a little. Our company is dedicated to providing effective San Bernardino mosquito control to the local residents and business owners.

Mosquitoes are often found near stagnant water but will invade any area of a home; inside or out.  If you’ve noticed them swarm outside your residence or business try to locate their breeding ground. Should you still need assistance in removal give us a call. While we cannot completely eradicate them our mosquito control experts can reduce their population by 85%. In addition we will fight them at both stages of life. Call (909) 726-7064 today to schedule an appointment for our San Bernardino mosquito control experts to come inspect your home and see what we can do for you.

San Bernardino Ant Removal

san bernardino ant removal

Let us remove the ants in your home or business!

The most common ant we have dealt with in the San Bernardino area is the small black ant. Also known as Argentine ants. They can be a pain to get rid of and is why we offer ant control to the local residents and business owners. We take care of the pest frustration so you can go back to enjoying life without ants.

In order to completely get rid of the ants we will first remove the ants taking over your home. The ants are coming in to your home for a reason so the next step consists of eliminating what attracts the ant. Ants are attracted to certain types of food including:

  • sugar
  • syrup
  • honey
  • sweet drinks

And much more. This is an important step to eliminating the ants and keeping them from coming back. Store all of your food in tight containers and do not leave food or messes on your counters. Once we have treated the home we will let you know of any remaining tasks you might need to do but should you notice them coming back shortly after simply give us a call and we’ll come back out. This doesn’t happen often but we want you to know that we stand behind our work and hold customer satisfaction as a high priority. If you’re tired of trying to get rid of ants on your own call our ant control specialists at (909) 726-7064 today. We know how to eliminate the ants and also offer regular pest services should you be interested in regular maintenance.

San Bernardino Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are a pain to have in your home, not to mention unsanitary. This is one of the main reasons people tend to get very upset when they find a cockroach in their home. It ignites immediate disgust but that’s why we offer cockroach removal services; so you don’t have to deal with the filthy pests.

German & American Cockroaches

san bernardino cockroach removal

Cockroaches can carry more than 30 diseases!

German cockroaches are the most common type of cockroach in the California area. Most often they are found in dining establishments or other areas where food is prepared and served. This is why our customers often have an infestation in their kitchen when they call us for help. IF you’ve noticed cockroaches in your home it is because they are looking for food, shelter and water. Once you eliminate these sources you will notice a significant reduction in their presence. American cockroaches are another common roach in our area. They are often found living in basements and other dark cool areas.

Cockroach Inspection

When you call us regarding cockroach removal one of our techs will come to your home to inspect the infested area. We can then determine the type of cockroach we’re dealing with and devise a solution. If you wish to learn more before giving us a call look for hiding places by placing sticky traps on your floor by the walls and under your kitchen appliances. Monitor the traps regularly so you can identify the size, color and possibly how old they are. Should you have a lot of younger cockroaches it might be a sign of a more severe infestation.

San Bernardino Cockroach Removal

If this all sounds like too much work and you’d rather have a professional do it, give us a call today! Our cockroach removal experts will come inspect the property and inform you of our plan to eradicate the roaches. We can advise you on any steps needed by you before we begin the treatment and will help you get rid of the roaches once and for all. Don’t live with these disease carrying pests another day; call (909) 726-7064 now to schedule an inspection!

San Bernardino Bees, Wasps, & Hornets

It’s come to our attention that honey bees have been on the rise in California and San Bernardino is no exception. Bees can be a hassle to deal with because most people don’t want to get stung. We have received many calls from concerned parents that have bees invading their porches and awnings. Don’t try to remove a beehive on your own, give our bee control experts a call today to let us handle it for you.

Bees in San Bernardino

san bernardino bees

Don’t get stung! Call (909) 726-7064 for San Bernardino bee removal!

Honey bee hives can contain up to 6,000 bees. When you remove the bees but not the hive you are setting yourself up for further pest issues. Honey bee hives left behind that contain honey can stain and attract other rodents and insects. Therefore, should you have a problem with honey bees make sure that whoever removes the bees removes the hive as well.

Bumble bees typically live in areas near to the ground if not in the ground. They are only a pest during the warmer months but can be very aggressive so we advise you contact us for bee control instead of risking getting stung multiple times. Bumble bees are aggressive when protecting their hive so it’s best not to approach a hive should you discover one and call us instead.

Carpenter bees are common to San Bernardino and are typically a solid black color. They do not sting but people have mistaken them for bumble bees before. The best way to tell the difference is by noticing the lack of hair on carpenter bees and their shiny bodies in comparison to bumble bees.  Unlike many other bee species, carpenter bees are solitary bees. They burrow holes in places to protect themselves.

Wasps in San Bernardino

There are many types of wasps in the world but only a certain number of wasp species reside in California. Because wasps are predatory they can actually be beneficial but most people don’t like them because they sting as well. Just like many other pests, wasps are typically a problem during the warmer months and leave their nests by late Autumn. If you decide to take care of a wasp nest on your own we advise treating them at night or early morning.  If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of removing the wasps on your own give our bee control experts a call today at (909) 726-7064 and schedule your appointment.

San Bernardino Rodent Control

san bernardino rodent control

Our San Bernardino rodent control experts can locate and eiliminate rodents!

Rats and mice are a common pest in San Bernardino California and they don’t only invade unclean properties. Your home can be spotless and rodents will still find their way inside if they want to. When they do look for a way into your home it is because they’re in search of food and shelter. Rats and mice will chew your cables, wires and other items causing extensive and costly damage to your home.  Mice and rats will often create a nest shortly after invading your home so that they can build a family. This is something you want to try and prevent by taking care of a rodent problem at the first sign of one.

They can easily access areas we cannot so it’s not uncommon to find them in attics, walls, crawl spaces, under kitchen appliances, and many other areas of the home. They chew things in order to keep their teeth sharp and they will chew through just about anything. They have been the cause of house fires as well because they will chew through wire insulation exposing bare copper which can then cause a fire.

In addition to chewing everything in sight they also contaminate your home. It’s common to notice trails of fecal matter where rodents have been navigating in your home. Many of our clients will call and request rodent removal because they’ve noticed droppings in their pantry and kitchen cabinets. The droppings do smell horribly but they also pose a health risk. Once you’ve had your home treated for rodent control it’s important to thoroughly wash any areas they were present.

If you have heard scratching or chewing in your home, or have seen a rodent in action give our rodent control experts a call at (909) 726-7064 today. We’ll answer any questions you have about our rodent control services and get you set up for an inspection right away.

San Bernardino Spider Removal

san bernardino spider removal

We can exterminate both harmless and poisonous spiders; call today!

Many people detest spiders because they can bite and the bites often hurt if not swell and become infected.  Not all spiders will cause much harm if they do bite which is why most spiders are harmless. The two notable exceptions in the San Bernardino California area; black widow and brown recluse.

Both of these dangerous spiders prefer warm, dry climates and secluded areas for shelter including attics, closets, basements, wood piles, sheds, and other similar environments. If you come across either one of these spiders please give us a call and let our spider control techs handle it to ensure your own safety.

House spiders are harmless but are definitely a nuisance. People don’t like the idea of having creepy crawly spiders running around their home and that’s no surprise. However, the spiders are coming in to your home in search of the other bugs and pests that they eat. Once you’ve eliminated the food source for the spiders they will go away, and that is exactly what we can do. Call (909) 726-7064 today to learn more about our spider control options in the San Bernardino area. We treat both homes and businesses for spiders and other pest issues.

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