San Bernardino Bed Bugs

Some people are unaware of what bed bugs are because they have never encountered them before. This is why it’s not uncommon for us to receive calls for bed bugs and then it ends up being a different pest. However, should they actually be bed bugs our clients don’t have to worry because we offer bed bug control. To help you determine whether or not you’ve discovered bed bugs, we wanted to provide the following information.


Bed bugs are flat insects, small in size and typically found in beds. They are red-brown in color and while often tiny it is possible to find one as big as 7mm.  Bed bugs will feed on your blood while you’re sleeping and retreat before you awaken. Many times our clients don’t discover the actual bed bugs right away rather they notice bites on their extremities after a night of sleep.


Check for Bed Bugs


san bernardino bed bugs

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If you suspect you have bed bugs in your home, consider the following place to look for signs or evidence of active bed bugs in your home:


  • headboard
  • footboard
  • mattress
  • mattress seams
  • behind outlets
  • bed frame
  • cracks near bed (on the wall, in furniture)


These are common areas to find bed bugs. In addition to checking for signs of bed bugs, look at your bedding to see if you notice any spots of blood or fecal matter left behind by the bed bugs. This is a sign that you need bed bug control right away. They aren’t easy to get rid of but our techs are educated in the latest bed bug control treatments so you can count us at (909) 726-7064 to help you. Call today to learn more about our bed bug control options and you might even consider our regular treatment plans.

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