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san bernardino commercial pest control

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If you own a property or business you will most likely need pest control services at some point in the future if not the present. Because a company has their reputation on the line and cannot afford to close down for pest problems, we highly recommend a regular pest visit to keep the pests at bay and avoid an infestation. We provide affordable quarterly and annually pest control treatments in addition to one-time service. We aren’t here to sell you services you don’t need. We specifically help with the problem you have and don’t force you to take a service you don’t really need.


Commercial Properties


Properties we treat on a regular basis include hotels, office and government buildings, construction sites, dining establishments, shopping malls and more. In addition to treating your current problem we can also help you learn about the different options we offer in terms of helping you prevent future pests. (Areas that need to be sealed or fixed, etc.)


Commercial Pests in San Bernardino


The most common pests we’ve deal with for our commercial clients include mice, ants, spiders and termites. Roaches are another but often apply to dining establishments more so than other properties. Either way, whatever pest you’re dealing with we will gladly help. Just give us a call at (909) 726-7064 today to see how we can help your business be pest-free.

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