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Termites are vicious pests that will destroy your property. Because there are thousands of termite species it’s our job as your local pest control company to know how to treat them. Not all species are common to the San Bernardino area but those that are include:


  •   Drywood
  •   Subterranean


Our San Bernardino termite removal specialists have experience dealing with these termites and the knowledge to effectively treat them. Subterranean termites often live in colonies in soil. They live in the ground because they need the moisture in order to survive. They often travel through mud tubes in order to stay protected while getting around. Some tunnel s can be hundreds of feet long. Subterranean termites won’t cause damage to your property as they need moisture to live but they can still be a major pest to deal with.


Drywood termites are found in dry wood; hence their name. You won’t often find just one location of termites on your property. They are typically spread out among different areas so it’s common to find them in more than one place. Drywood termites can cause property damage because they build their colonies inside the wood. Some drywood termites fly and search for dead wood. Another method to determine drywood termites is if you notice dry, smooth, and powdery like pellets around the wood.


In order for us to help you with your termite problem we will need to come inspect the property and locate signs of active termites. Once we have determined the type of termite invading your property we can create a treatment plan devised solely for your termite issue. Still have questions? Call (909) 726-7064 today and we’d be happy to answer them!

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